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Saturday, November 24, 2012

PBS ENGLISH FORM 1: Band 1 Materials/ Activities

Assalamualaikum & morning everyone =)

Dear respectable Teacher-friends,
As I promised yesterday,here's my humble work to be used for Form 1 PBS.

Owh, before that, let me remind you that the file is a .rar file. .Therefore,you must have winRAR installed on your computer.

 1.  Download  Winrar installer for your computer.

If you already have it installed  on your computer, please click the link below to download the BAND 1.rar file.

BAND 1 Materials

Note :
1.Please forgive me for any errors  (typo, grammatical errors etc) I've  made.=)
   You can edit any part of the materials that you'd like to edit.(text & graphics)

1. To edit the graphics, please open the 'graphics.pptx' file & edit them there.
2. The graphics in the 'the river pictures.pptx' file could be used in teaching vocabs for the poem The River.

Urmmm..what else ya..Ok,that's all for now.Any question / problem/suggestion/critic etc, just leave your comment here / fb.

Thank you for your support! =)

p/s : For those who are wondering  why I did this, the only answer I have now is ; because of ALLAH. =)

Love,Tcer Ita


  1. Upload it to Mediafire next time. It's free and hassle free!